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Port Orford Cedar Guitar Soundboard (FP77)

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Port Orford Cedar is a beautiful wood for luthiers to use in building acoustic guitars and ukuleles.  It has a tone that enhances most any back and sides it is matched with.  We recover our Port Orford Cedar on the Southern Oregon Coast.  The wood has unmatched qualities, easy workability, and sustained tap tones. It will make high quality acoustic  instruments. The area that the trees are removed from are replanted with new trees making this a very eco-friendly and sustainable guitar wood.  The cool wet air of the Oregon Coast makes the perfect environment for slow consistent growth of acoustic instrument quality wood.  We air dry our Port Orford Cedar for at least three years.   

Port Orford Cedar is a great tone wood for an acoustic guitar.

There are two book matched pieces 0.18 x 8 1/4 x 23 5/8".  Dreadnaught size.  Check measurements for larger guitars.

Photos are taken two ways.  The first to show what the finished instrument will look like and dry to show what the wood will look like when it arrives.

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If you do not find exactly what you are looking for please contact us at or 559.349.5917.