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Solid Body

Whether you’re crafting a classic acoustic and on the hunt for the perfect piece of acoustic guitar neck wood or you’re looking for inspiration from a stunning solid body guitar wood blank for your next electric build, Wood from the West has the right piece for you. 

Our solid body wood blanks include:

  • Tops 
  • Bodies
  • Necks
  • Fingerboards 

Luthiers know that the best wood for guitar necks and bodies has a charming character, unbeatable tone, and easy workability. Beyond sound quality and aesthetics, guitar wood needs to be environmentally responsible. 

Wood from the West offers eco-friendly and sustainably sourced solid body guitar wood blanks. Our wide selection features unique pieces of the best wood for solid body guitars and guitar neck wood from salvaged old-growth Redwood electric guitar tops to reclaimed Pistachio bass guitar fingerboards. We go the extra mile to rescue wood that would otherwise go to waste so that you can keep creating beautiful instruments with zero cost to the environment. 

Our solid body guitar wood catalog features wood for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and bass guitars. Build a one-of-a-kind instrument with a high-contrast piece of burly Big Leaf Maple or achieve a distressed finish with a quarter-century old Sugar Pine piece. 

Each of our listings features a thorough description of the wood’s source and qualities, including what type of instrument will suit it and photos depicting what the wood will look like when you finish the build and how it will look when it arrives. Filter through our collection of Myrtle, Cedar, Walnut, Oak, and more to find the right solid body guitar blank for your next guitar build.