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Wood From The West

Kevin started his lifelong love of wood when he was just 10 years old when a family friend invited him into his shop. Cal was a retired master carpenter and taught the importance of true quality craftsmanship in every piece. Today Kevin carries on that same pride in his concern for utilizing our natural resources from the Central San Joaquin Valley.


 It is sad to see an orchard chipped or an urban tree cut into firewood when this wood can be utilized for fine instruments, bowls, and tables. We are also seeing our best Clara Walnut burls’ being shipped overseas when these older orchards are replaced. With the new rootstocks the upcoming generations of woodworkers will not have access to this beautiful wood. We are now seeing Pistachio orchards that are 40 to 50 years old being selectively replanted. These trees were just burned or chipped and it is one of the most incredible woods to work with. Pistachio is finding favor as a replacement for ebony as fingerboard with many famous guitar builders.



In 2003, with the encouragement of his wife, Sharon, Kevin purchased his first Woodmizer saw mill. From there the business has grown to include a larger Woodmizer, Lucas slabber with and 87 inch bar, grapple trailer, heavy duty planers, a 36 inch belt sander, CNC and a vacuum kiln. It is still a one man operation where Kevin recovers as much of this reclaimed wood as he can from orchard and urban sites.



These logs are cut to meet the highest standards of lutheries, turners, and fine furniture builders. As time allows Kevin does some finished items for sale. His urns, crosses, trays, tables and wood art are finished with the highest level of craftsmanship.