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The mandolin is a centuries-old European origin instrument. It is extremely versatile and crafted in various shapes and sizes. Musicians worldwide play the mandolin in a wide range of styles, including bluegrass, classical, country, and folk. 

To achieve optimum tone and aesthetic appeal, mandolin builders require top-quality wood. Wood from the West offers a distinctive catalog of mandolin wood rich in character. 

Our selection of mandoline wood for sale includes pieces for:

  • Backs and Sides (sold as a set)
  • Tops
  • Necks
  • Fingerboards

The best wood for mandolin artisans is responsibly-sourced, beautiful tonewood. While mandolins can be made from a variety of tonewoods, the Wood from the West collection strongly features maple Mandoline wood. 

Many luthiers prefer building instruments with Maple wood because of its sustained tap tones and rich colors. It is also easy to work with and pairs wonderfully with other tonewoods for artisans working with more than one wood. 

We sustainably source our Maple wood from the Southern Oregon Coast. Most of our Maple tonewood was bound for a wood chip mill before we rescued it. The areas the trees were logged from are replanted with new trees. 

Our mandolin wood blanks include sets designed for archtop style mandolins and backs made from either one or two pieces. The color and detail in each set are unique, ranging from light to dark with various grain patterns from which to choose. No matter your plans for your next mandolin build, you’ll find the perfect piece of wood for your project.