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Dulcimer - Wood from the West

Heralding from the Appalachians, the dulcimer is a unique stringed instrument with roots in American folk music tradition. High-quality tonewood is the key to achieving the distinctive, rich sounds characteristic of a dulcimer. 

Here at Wood from the West, we offer a colorful range of dulcimer wood blanks. From muted Tan Oak to high-contrast Myrtle and from rich Maple to dark Madrona wood for dulcimers, our collection has something for every dulcimer artisan. 

Our selection of dulcimer wood for sale includes pieces for:

  • Backs and Sides (sold as a set)
  • Sound Boards
  • Fingerboards
  • Headstocks and Tail Blocks

While creating a beautiful instrument is a top priority for luthiers, it’s equally important to use the earth’s resources responsibly. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to personally reclaim our dulcimer tonewoods from natural and urban locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

For example, the gorgeous, multi-colored Walnut sets in our catalog were once unproductive trees in a San Joaquin Valley orchard. We recovered the wood, and the area has since been replanted with new trees. When you buy dulcimer wood from us, you can have the satisfaction of using sustainably sourced materials and enjoy the added meaning of knowing the story behind the wood. To learn more about each type of dulcimer wood in our collection, simply click on a listing and enjoy reading where it came from. 

Each piece of dulcimer wood delivers a characteristically different sound and aesthetic. Filter through our selection to find the perfect piece for your next dulcimer project.