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Acoustic Wood

Choosing the right wood for your guitar can be an enjoyable endeavor when done right. While you may find it challenging to buy guitar wood that matches your style and sound, we are confident that you will be satisfied with one of our many acoustic options.

In this category, you will find a mix of the following:

  • Guitar Necks
  • Guitar Backs and Sides  
  • Acoustic Guitar Wood Blanks 
  • Soundboards
  • Fingerboards
  • Harp Guitar Backs and Sides
  • Arch Tops
  • Head Stocks 

We also offer soundboards for sale made of Port Orford Cedar and Redwood. Our wood comes from the Southern Oregon coast, where the variety in the soil can add unique color to your guitar. 

Regardless of the ton you need for your acoustic soundboard, you can rest assured that our wood is made from the highest quality. Not only that, but every one of our acoustic guitar neck wood options are reclaimed wood from logging sites and urban savage along the Oregon coast. 

When the trees are removed, the areas are replanted with new trees. This makes our guitar wood eco-friendly and sustainable.

Whether you are looking at a walnut guitar body for you or a pine guitar body for a loved one, you can feel confident in your choices from our selection.