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Hand-Crafted Wooden Urn Boxes

Finding the right vessel for your family member’s ashes is an important endeavor. It can be hard to find something that fits their unique personality. We dearly hope that one of our wooden urns brings your family closer together in finding the final resting place for your loved one.

Our custom wood urns are crafted from only the highest-quality and beautiful wood, such as myrtle wood or walnut wood.

We personally reclaim much of our wood from logging sites where these beautiful trees were being sent to chip mills. The trees used to produce our wood are replaced with new trees, making this an eco-friendly and sustainable wood urn.

On this page, you will find wooden urns for sale that vary in theme from western to religious to nature-themed. No matter what theme you pick, we have the right wooden urns for ashes for your family member.

These hand-turned wooden urn boxes are created with special detail to honor your loved one, and you can rest assured that only the finest lumber was used in the creation of our special wooden urns for human ashes. Many of our wood cremation urns come with our signature maple crosses inlaid at the box’s top.