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Pistachio Guitar Fingerboard (TC13)

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Pistachio is an exceptional and unique wood for luthiers to use in building guitars and ukuleles.  We started reclaiming and using Pistachio wood in 2002.  The wood has unmatched qualities that will make great acoustic or electric instruments. We personally recover trees that have become unproductive in the orchards of the San Joaquin Valley.  When the trees are removed they are replanted with new trees making this a very eco-friendly and sustainable guitar wood.  The trunks are small compared to other trees used for making guitars so large pieces are rare.  We air dry our Pistachio wood for at least three years.   

Pistachio is a great wood for ukulele and guitar fingerboards.  (Check out Aaron Keim’s Pistachio fingerboards at Beansprout Ukuleles).  The wood is very hard and dense making a eco-friendly replacement for imported ebony. This piece showcases excellent color and contrast.  The wood will also change color under a blacklight.

There is one piece 0.54 x 3 3/8 x 29 1/2.   (Note:  pitch pocket on back)

Our photos are wet to show what the finished instrument will look like and front and back dry to show what the wood will look like when it arrives.

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