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Pistachio Bow Veneer (SM08)

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Pistachio is an exceptional and unique wood for Bowers to use as veneers for their bows.  We started reclaiming and using Pistachio wood in 2002.  The wood has unmatched qualities that will make great acoustic or electric instruments and now can be used for your bow veneers. We personally recover trees that have become unproductive in the orchards of the San Joaquin Valley.  When the trees are removed they are replanted with new trees making this a very eco-friendly and sustainable wood.  The trunks are small compared to other trees.  The color contrast truly makes for a beautiful box.    

The first photos is taken wet to show what your finished piece will look like and the second photos is taken dry. 

There are four pieces 0.026" thick x 2" wide x 36" long. 

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If you do not find exactly what you are looking for please contact us at or 559.349.5917.