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Claro Walnut Bow Riser (TD71)

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Claro Walnut has long been considered the best of the walnuts for its color and figure.  It is just a beautiful wood.  We started reclaiming and using Claro Walnut wood in 1970’s.  The wood has unmatched qualities.  We personally recover trees that have become unproductive in the orchards of the San Joaquin Valley.  When a tree becomes unproductive it is removed and replanted with a new tree making this Walnut a very eco-friendly and sustainable wood.  The trunks range in size from small to large.  These trees have a Claro Walnut rootstock and is grafted to an English Walnut fruiting wood.  The graft ling between the two varieties can be very unique.  

California Claro Walnut will make great bow risers. Great figure and crazy grain patterns.  

Kiln dried and surfaced flat. 

Orchard recovery from orchards in San Joaquin Valley.

Photos are front and back with dry and front wet to show what your finished piece will look like. 

Note:  There are pin knots in this set.

There are three pieces that range in size 2.06" thick x 4 1/4" wide x 23 7/8" long. 

Free shipping to lower 48 states.